Please read these rules because breaking them will NOT be tolerated.

1. Do not abuse the bots unless you are in #bot-commands

2. Don't put useless links in the entire Discord channel.

3. Post content in the correct channels.

5. Sexual content/gore/screamers is not allowed.

6. Don't ask for free staff roles.

7. Don't tag staff members without any reason (may result mute/ban)

8. No swearing in chat

9. Spell your messages correctly so we can understand what your saying

10. Avoid using all-caps as this conveys you are SHOUTING!!!

11. English only on the chat, as moderators and admins can't detect whether or not a person is swearing on another language.

12. We don't tolerate assholes and people who constantly idle on invisible mode.

13. No Lemons allowed, too sour for DireClan.

14. It can look quite irritating for people to use **Do Not Disturb** when there not actually busy, using it purely to stop people disturbing is not what it's for.

Any breaking of these rules will result in the following steps being taken:

1. 1st Warning

2. 2nd Warning

3. Final Warning (If still not listening)

4. Kick

5. Ban for 1 Day

6. Indefinite Ban

Serious cases will result in a permenant ban from DireClan with no warnings.